1. process How does The Whiz Cell’s Process work?
    Simply locate your phone, answer a few questions and get your cash offer! We will then email you a free shipping label. Once we receive the item we will evaluate it and if it matches your description we will pay you via your chosen payment method.
  2. paidHow do I get paid?
    There are currently 3 payment options. Instant payments are through Paypal or Dwolla. We can also mail you a check.
  3. calendarWhen do I get paid?
    Once we receive your package we will evaluate it and make sure it matches your description. Payments usually made within 72 hours from the time we receive the package.
  4. What if you determine my item does not match my description.
    We will notify you if we feel like the item does not match your description. We will give you a revised offer. If you do not wish to take the revised offer we will be happy to ship the item back to you at our expense.
  5. What does The Whiz Cells Buy?
    What we buy can be found on the website. We buy smart phones from all the major carriers as well tablets. If you do not see it on our list or on the website we are not currently purchasing the item.

  6. Can I still sell my phone if it has been a bad esn from being lost or stolen?
    No: phones that have been barred because they have been reported as lost or stolen will be turned over to the police: all phones received are checked against a national database of stolen phones and if they are found to be stolen they are reported to the police and destroyed.
  7. What we do
    The Whiz Cells is an electronics recycler. Our mission is to keep electronics in use as long as possible to keep e-waste to a minimum in our landfills while putting money in your pocket. How do we accomplish this? We purchase used electronics and resell them to people that may be upgrading from much older technology at a reduced cost. We also purchase broken devices and send them to refurbishing centers to be used for parts and then to sold as quality working units again. Not only does the environment benefit from what we do but you do as well. We pay you top dollar on your used or unwanted electronics so that you can purchase the newest, latest, and greatest with the least amount of impact on your wallet! Here is an example. Say you have an iPhone 4 and you are ready to upgrade to the iPhone 4s. Let’s say we are offering $150 for your iPhone 4 and the cost of your upgrade to the iPhone 4s is the standard $199. The impact on your wallet is only $49 to upgrade to the newest iPhone!

  8. Do we supply shipping materials?
    Yes, we do offer shipping materials. If your phone is being purchased for over $100 we do give you the option of sending

  9. If I request shipping materials can I still qualify for Stupid Fast Payment (SFP)?
    No, only if you use your own shipping materials will you qualify for SFP. A small box or padded envelope with bubble wrap from The local post office or a retail store like Walmart or Target is very inexpensive, usually less than a dollar.

  10. Can I request a check and qualify for Stupid Fast Payment (SFP)?
    No, only when choosing Dwolla or Paypal as your payment method.

  11. How long before I get paid?
    When using Stupid Fast Payment you will be paid within 24 hours from the time we receive your package.
    If using our packaging then it will take up to 72 hours from the time we receive your package to process payment. If you choose a check as payment method it can take 7-10 days from the time we receive your package to get the check.

  12. What is Stupid Fast Payment?
    Do you remember how fast your Mama slapped you when you talked back to her? Yeah, that’s stupid fast. Our team has come together to come up with the fastest possible way to pay you …..(you guessed it) stupid fast. All SFP qualified orders will get the highest priority for payment. To qualify for SFP, simply use your own packaging and select either Dwolla or Paypal as your method of receiving payment and we will guarantee that you get paid within 24 hours of us receiving your package. Now that’s stupid fast!
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