About Us

Have you ever dropped your phone and the screen breaks? May dropped it in the toilet and fried your phone? If you have you are not alone. What can you do with your phone? Throw it in the trash? Put it in the night stand? In 2009 our Founder, Travis May dropped his iPhone 3gs and the screen shattered. That dropped is what started it all. Since 2009 The Whiz Cells has been repairing and refurbishing mobile phones for customers all over the U.S. In late 2009 we realized that we needed to expand our service. New phones come out all the time and at the least every year, yet upgrades only occur every 2 years. In an effort to help our customers afford new phones we started buying used phones. It not only helps out financially but it also keeps the environment free of e-waste. For nearly four years now The Whiz Cells has repaired and recycled thousands of phones and tablets. Moving forward we will continue to adapt to an ever changing market to help consumers make not only the financially smart decision, but the environmentally sound decision too.

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